The conference will be devoted to the modern aspects of group theory that largely evolve on the intersection of geometric and combinatorial group theory, the theory of dynamical systems, ergodic theory, probability, functional analysis, model theory, and low-dimensional topology.


Elena Bunina

Professor, Moscow State University and Director of HR and Educational Programs, Yandex

Rostislav Grigorchuk

Distinguished Professor, Texas A&M

Olga Kharlampovich

Mary P. Dolciani Professor, City University of New York Graduate Center and Hunter College

Sergei Lando

Distinguished Professor, HSE and Professor, Center for Advanced Study, Skoltech

Tatiana Nagnibeda

Professor, University of Geneva and Leading Researcher, St.Petersburg State University


Denis Osin

Professor, Vanderbilt University

Timothy Riley

Professor, Cornell University

Alexandra Skripchenko

Assistant Professor, HSE and Senior Research Scientist, Skoltech

We gratefully acknowledge the financial and logistical support of  ICM 2022  as well as partial support of HSE  ,    NSF ,    SNSF  .